• MyUserAdoptionPlan.Com

    This is your all-in-one user adoption portal with everything you need to run your IT user adoption program, from Tri Tuns LLC.  

    This is a solution to build, deliver and sustain user adoption programs that get results fast.

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  • User Adoption: Key to IT Success

    The biggest challenge to IT success is not the technology; it is getting your people to use it.

    MyUserAdoptionPlan.com helps you deliver fast, effective User Adoption programs with less cost and admin time

    - Help you implement a new system and make sure people use it

    - Define, prioritize, and measure business benefits to make sure you are creating value

    - Capture what works and what doesn’t – and fix it

  • Global and Flexible

    Connecting you with all your users, wherever they are, with a portal built just for you

    Global or local, you need one channel through which you can effectively define, deliver and manage your User Adoption Program

    MyUserAdoptionPlan portal is the way to quickly establish a comprehensive administrative mechanism, regardless of your location or your users' locations

  • Solution Provider

    MyUserAdoptionPlan portal helps you build, deliver and sustain user adoption programs that get results fast

    - Increase effective use of your IT systems

    - Control costs and budget forecasting

    - Maximize ROI over the life of the system

    - Realize benefits from before and after go live

    - Sustain high levels of user adoption long-term

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